We use only the Highest Quality Products to complete your job.  We always Sandblast prior to Powder
Coating and Aluminum is always chemically treated. Powder Coating is a baked on process that from start
to finish can be done in one hour. This process is more durable, thicker and less time consuming than
liquid paints. We have about 6,000 colors and textures to choose from including Candies and Metallic’s.
See our link below for some color samples.

We are able to Powder Coat large Parts up to 17’ Long  10’ Tall  and  7’ Wide

WWW.NICINDUSTRIES.COM  you can request free color samples
What is Powder Coating?
Powder coating is a type of dry coating,
which is applied as a free-flowing, dry
powder. The main difference between a
conventional liquid paint and a powder
coating is that the powder coating does
not require a solvent to keep the binder
and filler parts in a liquid suspension
form. The coating is typically applied
electro statically and is then cured
under heat to allow it to flow and form a
"skin." Powder coating is mainly used
for coating of metals, such as
aluminium extrusions, Industrial Parts,
automobile and motorcycle parts.

Why Powder Coat?

* Powder coatings can produce much
thicker coatings than conventional
liquid coatings without running or

*Powder coating production lines
produce less hazardous waste than
conventional liquid coatings.

*Powder coated items generally have
fewer appearance differences between
horizontally coated surfaces and
vertically coated surfaces than liquid
coated items.

*A wide range of specialty effects is
easily accomplished which would be
impossible to achieve with other coating